Sunday, 1 January 2012

skyse7en KPOP badges GIVEAWAY

Do you guys wanna own these 2 KPOP badges for free? Just simply complete a slogan in one sentence :
I LOVE KPOP because ______________________________________.

Rule of Thumb :
1. Post an entry entitle "SKY7 KPOP BADGES GIVEAWAY" including this BANNER
2. Must follow SKY7 blogspot (here) and LIKE SKY7 fb (here)
3. Tag minimum 3 of your friend
4. Link your entry to this giveaway COMMENTS

Closing Date : 1st January 2012
Winner will be announce a week after the closing date

10 most creatives SLOGAN will be selected as a winner!
p/s : more badges design will be update soon! feel free to visit this blog anytime;)


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  2. xminat kpop ni bukan semata2 kpop je...popcorn pon boleh haha

  3. arghhh!i can't live without kpop..hehe

  4. minat kpop heaa,
    good luck yea ^^